Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Heitan Base Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is fully aware of its responsibility to protect personal information acquired through its various business activities, and is always aware of its responsibility to protect the rights of individuals and to comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information.
In addition, we have established a personal information protection management system in accordance with the following policies, and are always aware of the latest trends in IT technologies, changes in social requirements, changes in the business environment, which is continuously updated.

1. The Company will comply with laws, guidelines, and standards concerning the protection of personal information.
2. We have established a protection policy along with internal guidelines, and strive to continuously improve our management system.
3. The Company strives to continuously ensure accurate and up-to-date personal information, prevent leakage, loss, falsification, unauthorized use, etc. of personal information, and to improve information security.
4. In order to carry out business properly and smoothly, the Company will acquire personal information by appropriate means. In addition, when acquiring any personal information, we will inform the customer of the purpose of use in advance and use it within the scope necessary to achieve said purpose. We will also take appropriate measures to ensure information is only used within the scope of said purpose.
5. The Company shall endeavor to promptly respond to inquiries, complaints, consultations, etc. regarding personal information from customers at the following contact points.

Established: April 1, 2019
Heitan Base CEO Fukami Yasukawa

For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information:
Heitan Base Management Headquarters Personal Information Mangement Office
TEL : 03-6457-0835